Black List

Sometimes the police doesn’t have time to block all the scam website, or some websites stay visible in other country. So here you can find all the fraud still online.  You can report other websites by emailing us to, with all your useful information.

Be Careful

Don’t trust these websites, and don’t contact them for any reason. If you were victim of fraud contact your local police, and report to us what happen to help other companies to not be victim of the same criminals.

The fraudster is “”, e-mail: .

The real website is “”, McCarthy (U.K.) Ltd, as you can read on “” .

The fraudster is “”


The website is finally closed. The story is reported here “” .

Orange list

These companies are suspicious and reported from our business partners for suspect behavior, so be careful!

The website has some suspicious aspects:

  • Phone number doesn’t match with the state where is located.
  • Too many products, there is nothing they can’t sell you.
  • Website views to low for a business.
  • There are no good reviews online.
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