Copper cable

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Why copper cable?
Copper cables is one of the most recycled material, sometimes evens thieves are “interested” to recycle this material. Why? It’s really easy to recycle, and the copper is really valuable.
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How is recylced?

There are mostly two kind of process:

  • Striping the wires: with 1 process the recycler can get 99,99% copper,removing the plastic skin of the wires;
  • Shredind the wires: used mostly when there are several kind of wires. The wires are shireded and then be processd thorug a separetion process;
0.20 x 750 (telecommunication
Size 0.20 x 750
Weight 3,1 kg/m
Cu 72%
Plastic 22%
Paper 6%
100 x 2 x 0,5 + 1 FE
wire copper
Size 100 x 2 x 0.5 + 1 FE
Weight 0.8 kg/m
Cu 48%
Plastic 43%
10 x 1.5
Size0.20 x 750

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