Are you an institution as a State or an Organization representative?

We are here to collaborate with institutions.

Our aim is the same, make the work of recycler easier, safer and quicker! Let help each other.


How it would be possibile for an institution?

We believe and work hard every day to make a more sustainable word, not only ecologically but even economic. How? Make every process easier, quicker and safer. We can make it even faster if we collaborate together.

Institutions girl
Us as EasyscrApp

Experience and teconlogy.

We are recycler, for more then 40 years. We belive in new teconologies and we have invested a lot, not only in new hardwere for our plant, but also to make any other aspect smarter. You can have the best plant ever, but if can’t work with other suppliers and clients efficently, it can’t worth it

You as Institution

Peopole and power.

Several companies and people, already organized and knowing each other, why they can’t work more efficiently? or finding new solutions?

In the last 80 years, as a humanity, we have done more than the last 800 years, we need just the right tool. Take it from us and share it with your business partners.

Institutions team
Institutions together

Better World

The world is huge, but in the latest years we have found out that isn’t becoming so small, and every neighbor can make the difference. Together, starting with a single collaboration, we can change everything, letting any of our neighbor working in a beautiful and growing land.

What are you waiting for?

Make it possibile now

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