Stainless Steel 304

stainless steel 304
Why Stainless Steel 304?

304 steel is often referred to as “food-grade” stainless steel, as it is unreactive with most organic acids and is used in the food processing industry. Its excellent weldability, machinability, and workability suits these stainless steels to applications that require a level of corrosion resistance as well as complexity. As a result, 304 has found many uses, such as:

  • Kitchen equipment (sinks, cutlery, splash backs)
  • Tubing of various types
  • Food equipment (brewers, pasteurizers, mixers, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Pots and pans
  • Dyeing equipment
How is recylced?
304 stainless steel can be recycled indefinitely while still retaining its mechanical properties; scrap can be of various qualities and forms, including solid scrap derived from the processing of sheet metal, pipes, billets, etc… 
 or in the form of turnings or ground and granulated by crushing and refining plants; in addition, powders and slag can also be recovered by special treatments.Usually all scrap is melted by large furnaces used by steel mills and foundries.The percentages of metals contained during melting are checked and, if necessary, corrections are made by adding pure metal such as NI/Cr/Fe/Mo…..
Eventually the scrap will revert to a finished or semi-finished product ready to be processed into kitchen equipment, furniture, industrial equipment, etc…

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